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June 27, 2020



It was 1985. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hendrickson, was issuing nicknames to the unruly students at my table. I held my breath and shut my eyes (in that extremely scrunchy and earnest way five year-olds do).

I let out an enormous, gratuitous sigh when I was proclaimed Adam “Noisemaker” Rice. It was fitting: I love to make noise, always have and still do. I wonder if the unfortunately dubbed Gregory “Wiggle Worm” Watson is still out there somewhere in this world fidgeting with delight?

This is a shortish tale about a slight obnoxious kind of project I started that ended up being an indispensible part of our newfound, remote-only culture at FullStory.



Fastforwarding to more contemporary times, I was impressed by the comic potential of videographer Vic Berger’s well-timed airhorns and wanted to find a way to enhance meetings, gatherings at FullStory with the very same noise.

With moments to spare before our regular company-wide Friday meeting, using mnml and Tachyons and some crude, vanilla JS plus html5 audio tags BWAMP SPACE was born. The site itself got a little dusty, but I found it useful on several occasions at company-wide meetings. It also proved really useful for quickly testing our Consent API functionality ahead of the GDPR.


Fastforward even further to 2020. Techno-workers everywhere are remote workers by default now. Large meetings are awkward and stilted, lacking communal interaction.


One of my long-time co-workers, a really good engineer, asked on a Friday evening if he could fork BWAMP.SPACE to try and create a group version. By the following Monday night I was polishing the first iteration of BWAMP.ME and staying up late all week finding audio clips. We had a very talented friend in marketing, Hunter Becton, put together a BWAMP sizzle promo vid and released it into the wild.

The project itself was a fun bright spot in some very dark times and the product continues to delight. Last month over 1,000 people enhanced their meetings with BWAMPs and if a FullStory calendar invite has more than 10 people, you can expect the invite to include a BWAMP link.

A proven (slightly grizzled) creative professional with 10+ years experience in software companies of varying sizes. As a Designer I value these things the most: collaboration, diversity and inclusion, accessibility, and fun (for myself, colleagues and users).

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